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Query 0403200701  Subject: Lars Gilbertson Family Search:


Lars Gilbertson (Lars Gulbrandsen Alm) was born on 8 March 1824 in Hadeland, Norway.  He married Kari Olsdtr. (born 5 December 1825) on 23 June 1850, and registered to emigrate on 9 April 1853.  Two children were born in Norway: Gudbrand (Gilbert) on 28 August 1850, and Mari (Mary) on 26 May 1851.  A third son was born about 1856 in Wisconsin.  Lars died in 1856 and is buried at the Skoponong Cemetery in Palmyra Township.  Kari (Carrie) and the three children are listed in the 1860 federal census in Palmyra Township.  Kari and Gilbert are listed in the 1880 and 1900 census.  I am seeking additional information on Kari and the children.


Query 0416200701  Subject: Blaseius family


I am doing research on the Blaseius family and presently working on the Henry Blaesius branch.  Does any one know when Henry immigrated to the U.S.?  Henry b. abt. 1833, Mecklenburg, Prussia, d. 1901, Columbus, Wis.  Henry's son, Richard Blaesius, died in Watertown 1906.  Does any one know the maiden name of his wife Sarah(1858-1917)? . Daughter, Nathalie (1860-1933), married Frederich Reichin Watertown.  My mother was named for her.  Would love to see her photograph.  A note from any one who has a mention of the Blaesius family in their research would be much appreciated.


Joan C. Lashley 607 N. Raiford St. Selma, NC 27576-2216



Query 0421200701  Subject: Catherwood


Looking for information on the James Catherwood family who lived in Lake Mills.  James enlisted in the

army when the civil war broke out. Jane Catherwood died between 1856 and 1870.  Thank you for any



Query 0428200701  Subject: William Jackson


I am looking for any information on William Jackson.  He was listed on the Jefferson census for 1900.

William was born in England and arrived in Wisconsin in 1896. He married a lady named Anne S. in 1898, and they had two children.  This information is on the 1900 census. Names of the 2 children and DOB is unknown.  We had heard from years ago that William was killed in 1901 when his house collapsed. We heard a possible tornado hit his house, but we have no proof of this.  I wonder if there are any newspapers for Jefferson that may have had an account of his death, and what happened to his family.  William has been a mystery for my family for years. He was my great uncle.

I would love to know what happened to him, and if there are any descendants. Any information will be really appreciated.  Thank you.


Query 0626200701    Subject: Strobusch-Pasowald


I am seeking information on Lizzie Pasowald, who married Herman C. Strobusch. Lizzie born 1874 in Germany. Herman born 1866. Do not know specific dates. Herman’s father was Carl (born about 1840) and mother Henrietta (born about 1841). Herman also had sister Augusta. Herman, Lizzie, Carl and Henrietta all lived in Wisconsin, but eventually landed (by 1881) in the western Minnesota town of Tenney (Wilkin County). I am doing research for a book about a signature quilt which contains Lizzie’s name. I cannot seem to find Lizzie’s and Herman’s Wisconsin roots, but know they are in Dodge County somewhere. Can you help? 


Query 0827200701  Subject: Ertl-Schraufnagel

Would like to make contact with any descendant of John B Ertl and Elisabeth Frances Schraufnagel.  John B Ertl's mother was Caroline(Karlin) Nachreiner, born in Plain, WI.



Query 0828200701  Subject: Waterhouse family


I am interested in contacting someone in either Dodge or Jefferson counties to get some information on the Waterhouse families from Clyman.  There were several families in the mid-1800’s and my grandfather was born in Beaver Dam in 1869.  Several married into the Sutton and Exley families.  There is a David Waterhouse buried in the Oak Hill cemetery.  He was a Civil War veteran.    I am a member of the DJCGS.



Query 0907200701   Subject: Waterloo Cemetery - Hannifan


A death record for Stephen Hannifan, a pioneer farmer in Portland Township, Dodge County, shows a DOD as January 17, 1903 (DOB December 26, 1809 in Ireland).  The death record shows burial in Waterloo WI with a burial certificate No. 8 dated January 18, 1903 which was registered on January 28, 1903. Stephen was a Roman Catholic.


Query:  Which cemetery in or near Waterloo is likely to contain Stephen's remains?  Is there a list of burials for this cemetery (Stephen's wife Honora (Nora) Leahy Hannifan died January 20, 1890 and may be buried in the same plot)?



Query 0920200701   Subject: SPETTEL-SPITTEL Family of Dodge County


Looking for all connections of this family as it is a branch of the Schilling and Pahl families / Gary



Query 0920200702  Subject: Dodge County Families.


Looking for all available info on the following families that married Dodge County PEGELOWS:




Query 0920200703   Subject: BELLACH-BELLACK Families of Dodge County


Looking for all available data on BELLACH and their connecting families:  MöRICKE/MOERICKE, BüCHNER, NOSKE, MONTELOSKE?, MELCHER/MELCHERT  /  Gary



Query 0926200701   Subject: Vesper, Schoenfeld, Thiede


Looking for info. on Johann & Hanne (Schoenfeld) Vesper family, children incl. Hanne (Bruesewitz) b. 1825, Carl Aug. Friedrich b. 1827, Friedrich Wilhelm b. 1830, Auguste Louise b. 1834, Dorothee Friederike b. 1837.  Immigrated with poss. relatives Daniel Vesper b. abt. 1816, Friedrich Schoenfeld b. abt. 1800 and Ernest & Emilie (Vesper) Thiede in 1852.



Query 0929200701:  Subject: BELLACH Query


Anna Bellach (Regularly misspelled Bellack), a daughter of Ferdinand Robert Heinrich Bellach and Augusta Melchert, born 21 Dec 1880, married Carl (Charles) John A. Schulz at Juneau on 31 JAN 1900.  He was born 16 DEC 1873 in Germany.  They had 3 known children:  (1) Lena B. Schulz, born 1900 Hustisford, what became of her? Looking for all the unknown about her!!!  (2) Meta A. Schulz was born 23 JUL 1901 and belived to have married a RANTZOW and died OCT 1980 in the Neosho area.  Looking for all the unknown about her!!!  (3) Clarence Reinhardt was born 03 NOV 1905. Looking for all the unknown about him!!!  Please respond



Query 1124200701:  Subject: Raasch, Pagenkopf, Shuett, Korff, Schulz, Boltz, Bolz, Draeger


I am doing research on August Carl Raasch (B: 1829) -Friederike Wilde (Will, Wille) and am looking for any information you may have on them. They had seven children: Wilhelmina Raasch ( William Ketelhut), Johanna Raasch (Albert Schulz), Augusta Raasch (John Pagenkopf), Heinrich Raasch (Theresa Boltz), Karl Raasch (Theresa Augustine), Albert Raasch, Marie Raasch (August Perlick). My great grandparents were Heinrich Raasch (Theresa Boltz). They were married in Lebanon, WI on May 8, 1890. They settled in that area after immigrating from Germany in 1885. But some of the family stayed living there and some moved up to Taylor County some time between 1890 and 1893. Also, there was another family in the same church in December 5, 1885 when Johanna was married to Albert Schulz. The 2 witnesses were Herman Raasch and Franz Dobbratz. They were Carl Raasch- Friederike Seidel. Their kids were Caroline, August, Albertine, Herman, Heinrich. I feel that this Carl Raasch and my August Carl may have been brothers, but have not made the connection yet. There seems to be more Raasch's then I realized, but if anyone has does research or has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.


Query 1124200702:  Subject: Ohm query


Hello - My g-great grandfather Wilhelm Frederich Ohm emigrated from Cammin Germany (now Kamien Pomorski, Poland) in 1883 with his sons Frank, Julius and August and daughters Amelia (my g-grandmother), Johanna and Auguste.  The oldest Ohm I knew said the family went from Ellis Island directly to Hope Kansas where his sister Mrs. Knuth lived.


I have evidence that he came to your area before going to Kansas.  I would like to find


1) other ancestors who might be related, or other Ohms for collateral research

2) currently living Ohms who might have helpful history

3) someone who can help me do research to find this information.


I'm planning to come to Watertown this winter in preparation for a trip to the archives in Poland in March, so am interested in moving as fast as I can.  I'll gladly pay for any help I can get.


Thank you for whatever help or information you can give me.


Query 1213200701  Subject: McGovern's in Wisconsin


We are a very small group of amateur genealogists researching our McGovern roots. Thomas McGovern, his brothers (unconfirmed) Hugh, John, wives and families settled in Portland, Dodge County circa 1853. I have created a very simple web site; to aid in our search for "cousins" and information about the ancestors and descendants of this family.


Query 0114200801  Subject:  Rosalia Frodel


I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Rosalia Frodel, who was born in Austria in March, 1858, and married in Wisconsin in about 1878 to George Anton Ohrner.  George was born in 1859 in Jefferson, Wisconsin to Anton and Bertha.  Anton and was the local iceman and I think that George worked with him for a while.  The whole family left Jefferson in the early 1880s and went to Melville, North Dakota.  In the 1880 census all of the names are listed in Jefferson, Wisconsin with the exception of George and Rosalia.


Query 0114200802  Subject:  Hahn-Krueger families


I have Hahn and Kreuger families in my lines that originate from Dodge County.  The family had lived in the Iron Ridge-Woodland area. They went to St. John Lutheran Church. Just discovered that the family came from Olechno (East Prussia ?) , Prussia.

The family later moved and settled in Outagamie County, Center Twp., by Black Creek-Freedom area. I am looking for some connections, from your area.


Query 0125200801  Subject:  McPhersons


I am searching for information on my GRX5 grandparents, John McPherson (born in NH 1787, died in Fort Atkinson WI in 1868) and Lucretia Spooner (born in NY 1800 died in Fort Atkinson 1871).  Both are buried in Lakeview Cemetery.  Any information on them and their family would be very appreciated.

Sue from CT

Query 0126200801  Subject:  Andrew Alger


I am looking for Andrew Alger's burial location.  Andrew Alger was murdered in 1855 in Janesville, WI.  The murder case says that he was moved to his home.  His home was Johnson Creek, WI.  Would anyone have come across this information? 

Query 0131200801  Subject:  Dains Family


John and Rebecca Dains (AKA Danes) were in Lake Mills as early as 1860. Both are buried in the Rock Lake Cemetery as is their daughter Hulda.


Found in the 1860 census in Lake Mills and on the same page as John and Rebecca Danes [sic] is a family that lists as Dings.  I believe the family to be Clark L. Dains, Mary Jane his wife and daughters Hulda and Harriet (not Daniel). This family is found in the middle of a census page with Mary Jane's parents and siblings listed above and below her family listing.


I am hoping that someone will know if Clark L. Dains, my second great grandfather was a son or other relative of John and Rebecca Dains.

Query 0203200801  Subject:  Switzer and Ruth (Rut or Root)


I am looking for some families who moved from Jefferson and Clarion Counties in PA during the late 1860's-1870's.   The last names are Switzer and Ruth (Rut or Root).  They moved on to Madison County, Emerickville, Nebraska, where some of them died.  Some, I can not find.  In reading the history of that county, I read that many German families left Jefferson County, Wisconsin, about 24 families-some 125 people, on a wagon train type of transport on May 14, 1866.  They had to live in their wagons until they had cabins built.  The names were Herman Braasch and Frederick Wagner.  Is anyone working with these families?

I am trying to find out how my families got there to Nebraska, and/or if they stopped off in Wisconsin and went with your folks and why? 

The only commonality I find is that since they were all of German descent, could they have been relatives?  Was there some type of Federal Land Grant at that time for settlement of the western states? 

Gold fever? Or there may be no connection and my people from PA just went because they wanted to and they just happened to settle in the same place? Too coincidental for me.  I have too many why questions.

I will probably not be visiting this site again because I just read the names, and as those were the only questions that I had, but if someone knows, I would appreciate some answers, or at least a nibble at where I could find out about the possibility of land grants.  I thank you for your time.  BS

Query 0206200801  Subject:  Dains family of Lake Mills


My second great grandfather was Clark L Dains, b. abt 1832 perhaps in Vermont. He was married to Mary Jane Boyer and can be found in the 1860 census in Lake Mills as "Dings" using

Clark Dains enlisted at Lake Mills on 2 Sep 1863 as a member of the 13th Light Artillery from Wisconsin and served with that unit until his death on or about 14 Jan 1865 at Baton Rouge, LA.

A Charles Dains enlisted at Lake Mills on 20 Apr 1861 as a private of Company "I", 4th Calvary Regiment and was released on 2 Sep 1863 for reasons of disability as Clark Dains.

At the bottom of the same 1860 census at Lake Mills is a John and Rebecca Danes and their daughter Hulda. A search of your website indicates the three of them were buried at Rocky Lake Cemetery at Lake Mills. However, they were buried as Dains.

The cemetery listings were the only items that came up from my search of your website so perhaps that is all that you have on this family. If so, other than ordering Clark L Dains service record from the National Archives, I wonder if  you folks could direct me to some possibilities.

Query 0214200801  Subject:  Fort Atkinson photo


My name is Randi Schmitt and my grandparents and mother are from Fort Atkinson.  I have a photo that my mother says was taken in front the canning factory around WWII.  How can I find out anything about the photograph or who the men are?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  My grandparents are Clarence G. Anderson (died in 1970) and Francis Anderson.  My mother's maiden name is Marilyn Jean Nysather.  She was born August 21, 1931.  Thank you.

Query 0215200801 Subject:   Hake- McConnell


I am looking for any information regarding Alexander McConnell and his wife Elizabeth Hake. Alex was born ca. 1824 in Pennsylvania, and may have been around Trumbull Co., OH before coming to Jefferson, WI in 1843. The next year he married Elizabeth Hake who was b. ca. 1824 in either OH or PA. I am trying to find both of their parents' names. They lived in the "Hake Neighborhood" in Jefferson and some of the McConnell children are buried in Rock River/ Hake Cemetery surrounded by Hakes, so there must be a pretty close connection. I also wish to find, if possible, the date of their marriage, and would need information on churches in the area and if there are still records existent for said churches.

Query 0215200802  Subject:  Kratky

Hello /  I search my ancestor in USA.

My ancestor left from Bohemia. He lived and death in Marshall (WI)


The Jan 12, 1920 Federal Census reads

York Township, Dane County, Wisconsin

Kratky, Frank, age 37, married, born Bohemia, parents both born Bohemia, a Farmer

Kratky, Mary, wife, age 33, married, born Bohemia, parents both born Bohemia

Kratky, Mayme, daughter, age 10, born Wisconsin

Kratky, Bernard, son, age 7, born Wisconsin

Kratky, Philomena, daughter, age 5, born Wisconsin


The 1930 Federal Census reads:

Kratky, Frank head

Kratky, Mary, wife

Kratky, Bernard F., son

Kratky, Filomena, daughter

Mayme would have been 20 and was probably married.

Both the Social Security records and the Find-a-Grave both show:

Frank Kratky born Nov 22, 1882, died Jul 1976

Mary Kratky, born 1886, died 1945

Bernard Kratky, born May 7, 1912, died Jun15, 1991 Wisconsin

Bernard had a wife named Elsie E..that was born Dec 16, 1915 and died Feb 15, 2005.

Elsie had lived at 279 Jackson Avenue, Jefferson, Wisconsin, 53549.

I don't see any other people named Kratky currently living in Jefferson.


Where could I get any data about my ancestor?  Thank You

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